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Briefing Note on NHS Highland for New Staff Members

National Health Service Highland (NHS Highland) is a public sector organisation and is classed as being in the Tertiary Sector as it provides a service to the public rather than producing a tangible product. NHS Highland serves a population of approximately 310,000 residents and provides a wide range of services across the largest land area (~40%) of any health authority in Scotland.

NHS Highland is managed by a Board of Executive and Non-Executive Directors and is accountable to the Scottish Government through the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.

The main services provided by NHS Highland are: Healthcare, in the form of General Practitioner Surgeries, Hospital
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The key elements of the Highland Quality Approach are summarised in the blue triangle and include the Mission Statement, Vision and Values. It also describes how services and care will look in the future in addition to how the approach may change the way that services and care are delivered.”


External Factors that have an impact on business activities of the organisation are:

Political - In the event of a future YES vote in an Independence Referendum for Scotland, or in case of further devolved powers for Scottish Government to control NHS Scotland’s budget, rather than being part of a wider UK budget, the Scottish Government would decide the overall budget of NHS Scotland and the areas in which it is spent. This would be dependent on the Scottish Economy, which at present is an unknown entity.

Economic - Exchange Rates, costs of pharmaceutical product sourced out with the European Union (EU). If Sterling is weak in relation to the US Dollar, the cost of purchasing pharmaceutical products could be greater and cause a reduction in spend elsewhere in the organisation. Currently, five of the World’s top ten pharmaceutical companies are US- based.

Socio-cultural - The Office for National Statistics (ONS) state that, since 1964, the population of the UK has grown by over ten million (about half of this growth has occurred since 2001), in addition the average age of a UK citizen has increased by four years. This means that not only does NHS
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