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Strengths ■ Over 50,000 patents extended over 13 technology platforms ranging from abrasives to polymers ■ Global company – companies in over 60 countries and 139 plants worldwide ■ Strong recognition for standard innovations with practical applications ■ Operational efficiencies - cost of sales declining and margin % increasing over the years ■ IBD’s new strategy was to transform from margin expansion to top line growth ■ Corporate brand strength and technology behind its products with exclusive supplier status, product driven organization with strong R&D direction, and geographic specialization ■ Through lean programs IBD is in progress to shorten the time to go to market ■ IBD is acquiring product specialization in tapes…show more content…
There are two types of end user applications IBD has in place; production plants and servicing facilities. IBD is a product driven organization with strong R&D and holds over 50,000 patents internationally. Their tapes and adhesives have 50% - 60% distribution revenue and abrasives have an astonishing 40% - 50%. They were known for regular innovations with practical applications. OEM and MRO are major customer segments for IBD. OEM’s market is maturing and is creating IBD’s growth to be slow. They demand what IBD can support; high-valued items and brand quality since it is a part of the finished product. On the other hand, MRO segment is fragmented with little brand loyalty; hence IBD has not concentrated in this market. The MRO market was

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