3m Pharma Health Care Market Analysis

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Project Aim:

The principal aim of this research project is to pertain academic theories and knowledge about the market research in order to explore 3M health care, drug delivery system division (DDSD) key competitors and to determine key success factors for winning contracts for oral dosage forms and Phase III trial research for 3M (DDSD) in Europe.

2. Project Objectives:
The objectives of this project are: * To explore contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging market. * To identify, the European contract pharmaceutical market. * To explore the competitive advantage of European contract pharmaceutical market. * To determine the selection criteria for pharmaceutical companies for outsourcing. *
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Recently 3M Europe DDSD is engaged in the manufacturing of valves, tablets , liquids and filling of inhalers for Meda but fail to get new contracts for oral dosage form particularly tablets and capsule in Europe despite their strong network, innovations and packed logistic and marketing services.

3.3: Company overview:
3.3.1: 3M
3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. 3M is a worldwide company having a turnover of more than $25 billion, have an operation in more than 60 countries, sold product in more than 200 countries and more than 79000 employ work for 3M worldwide(3M, 2009). 3M has more than 35 business units (3M, 2008).
3M serve the customers through six business segments which increase speed and efficiency by sharing technological, manufacturing, marketing and other resources (3M, 2009).

3.3.2 3M health care:
3M health care is a global leader offering innovative products and solution for medicals, health information management, drug delivery and food safety. 3M Corporation is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world due to its effective knowledge management system (Brand, 1998). 3M health care provide world class manufacturing and packaging technology that help promote
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