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1. How the 3 M innovation process evolved from the time the company was found? Answer: • The innovation process at 3M has typically been a focus area for the upper management. The company had taken a get–out–of–the–way attitude towards the product developers who in turn have worked accordingly towards innovation. Along with technicians each team had a process engineer to ensure that the product was efficiently made. The entire team did not face any risk if the product failed. • The product developers used to visit the factories and workplaces to talk to the workers to get ideas for products. • The developers were not given the share of product royalties as the company believed that innovation was driven by sheer…show more content…
Hence the need of normal market research cannot be discounted. In fact, the lead user research method can step in at this research stage to unearth hidden problems that might have not been so imminent during the conceptualization of the market research problem, as 3M found out during their visit to hospitals in India. This can lead to a better efficacy of the market research exercise. Rather than hunting in the wild for the solutions to the problems posed through the market research we can have a ready made solution from the lead user research or at least have an idea at hand which is already in existence. Thereby we can work on the products and improve them rather than starting from scratch and come up with the solution in a shorter span of time, arguably. Hence lead user research user can complement the typical market research to make market research more effective and productive. 3. What should Medical-Surgical lead user team recommend to Dunlop - the 3 new product concepts or a new business strategy? Answer: We felt that Medical Surgical lead user team should recommend the new business strategy to Dunlop. It has been noticed that there was little room for growth in existing markets and the margin on existing products was declining. Hence the development of a new product is deemed absolutely necessary. Moreover, 3M had a policy of 30% new products to be

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