3m’s Greptile Grip Technology Case Essay

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October 22, 2010 ENTR 6200 Section 3 Northeastern University 3M’s Greptile Grip Technology Case Introduction: 3M’s Sports and Leisure Products business unit took an existing technology, 3M’s “micro-replication” and applied it to a golf glove. 3M has enjoyed great success from combining the “micro-replication” with high quality Cabretta sheep leather to create a high quality golfing glove that is second to none being offered on the market. Since the introduction of the 3M Greptile Grip golf glove there has been a large influx of competitors who offer a similar technology in the golf market. Although the global market for golf gloves is estimated at $300 million with 60 percent or $180 million in the United States. The problem is…show more content…
This would be the easiest way for 3M to use the Greptile Technology; 3M has made a name for themselves by being innovative using their technology to create out of box products. So my suggestion for using the Greptile Technology within the Sports and Leisure market would be to create a new and lighter running shoe that is used on indoor and outdoor tracks for track competitions. As a former track athlete one of the biggest concerns of track athletes is the traction that we have on the bottom of our shoes on outdoor tracks especially during the summer track season. The Greptile Technology if modified correctly could provide a superior traction when running on the track and would not wear down as easily as track shoes that are on the market. Using the technology in a modified state would allow 3M to enter into another submarket of the Sports and Leisure market and still keep in tack their record of diversified technology and innovation. I am sure if there were to use the technology for a lighter track shoe with superior traction would be able to enter into the running shoe market which is estimated to be a $13 billion-per-year industry. In my estimation 3M would be able to at least capture a minimum 10% market share if the technology is superior to what is being offered in the market. It would be not consist with 3M’s business practice to just use this technology in 3M’s Sports and Leisure

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