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PRMPRM 1.1 Describe at least two purposes of performance management and their relationships to business objectives.
Performance management is about creating a culture that encourages the continuous improvement of business processes and of individuals’ skills, behaviour and contribution. It is a repetitive process that is continually reviewed and is both strategic and integrated. It is about broad issues and long-term goals and integrated by linking various aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams to delivering successful results in organisations. It does this by improving performance and developing the capabilities of teams and individuals.
The two main purposes of performance management are;
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1.2 Explain at least three components of performance management systems. 1. Setting objectives and performance standards. * The individual’s performance and development should be seen as a joint partnership between the line manager and the individual. Development of goals and objectives which are incorporated into individual job descriptions, person specification and work situation’s provide performance level criteria. * 2. Agree competences and competencies
Managers need to ensure Individuals are very clear of what is expected of them.
Agreement for team and individual performance criteria are discussed with the individuals and expectations are discussed in acceptable performance levels, for example the average number of calls to be answered are 20 calls per hour and the average handling time for any inbound call should be no longer than 2 minutes. The agreed action plan includes self development plans/ personal development plans / career development plans 3. Monitor feedback – identify level of performance including ‘performance gap’ expected performance vs actual performance 4. Review feedback report – comparison between expected performance standards and actual performance point at which performance may be adjusted

1.3 Explain the relationship between motivation and performance management with reference to at least 2

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