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FOUNDATION CHRP CL&D ASSESSMENTRecording, analysing and using HR information (3RAI)3RAI_F203A_HR_June – Core Unit Assessment – Version 3 June 2012Student name: | | CRITERIA | PASS/REFER | COMMENTS | LO1: Understand what data needs to be collected to support HR practices | 1.1 Explain why an organisation needs to collect and record HR data. | | | 1.2 Identify the range of HR data that organisations collect and how this supports HR practice. | | | LO2: Know how HR data should be recorded and stored | 1 2 3.1 Describe different systems for recording and storing HR data and the benefits of each. | | | 3.2 Explain legal requirements relating to the recording, storage, and…show more content…
KNOW HOW HR DATA SHOULD BE RECORDED AND STORED (pages 5-6) 2.1 DESCRIBE DIFFERENT SYSTEMS FOR RECORDING AND STORING HR DATA AND THE BENEFITS OF EACH 2.2 EXPLAIN LEGAL REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO THE RECORDING, STORAGE AND ACCESSIBILITY OF HR DATA 3. BE ABLE TO ANALYSE HR DATA AND PRESENT FINDINGS TO INFORM DECISION-MAKING(pages 6-8) 3.1 ANALYSE AND INTERPRET HR DATA 3.2 PRESENT FINDINGS TO INFORM DECISION-MAKING WITHIN AN ORGANISATION 1. UNDERSTAND WHAT DATA NEEDS TO BE COLLECTED TO SUPPORT HR PRACTICES 1.1 WHY AN ORGANISATION NEEDS TO COLLECT AND RECORD HR DATA The idea of this assignment is to talk about the importance of managing data in any business activity, but specifically the one which is of most interest to us is related to HR practices: how to act when we manage data, how to collect this information and how to store the documents. One of the reasons why an organisation needs to collect and record HR data is to drive future business decisions within a company. Everything is based on the data and directly affects the company’s strategy and the company’s needs. Another reason to collect and record data is to comply with legal requirements and legislation, for example the principle of equality. If we have in our HR department adequate personnel records, we can make sure we are complying with the law and therefore

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