4.1 Research Approaches. One Of The Questions That An Organization

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4.1 Research Approaches One of the questions that an organization must decide before conducting research is which research approach will be most appropriate. The approach chosen will depend on the research question and the type of information is seeking. There are three general research approaches; descriptive, exploratory and causal (Kolb, 2008). . Descriptive research Descriptive research is used when statistical data are needed on a fact. The tool used to conduct descriptive research is almost always surveys (Kolb, 2008). Exploratory research Researchers should use exploratory research when a research question deals with finding information on consumer attitudes, opinions and beliefs. Such exploratory research can be useful even when…show more content…
Table Four Different Probability Sampling Methods Source: Burns and Bush, 2014 FIGURE A Graphical Illustration of Probability Sampling Techniques Source: Malhotra, 2010 Nonprobability Sampling Methods All of the sampling methods we have described thus far embody probability sampling assumptions. In each case, the probability of any unit being selected from the population into the sample is known, even though it cannot be calculated precisely. Table Four Types Of Nonprobability Sampling Methods Source: Burns and Bush, 2014 TABLE Choosing Nonprobability Versus Probability Sampling Source: Malhotra, 2010 In our study, we consider convenience sampling procedure when selecting consumers. Moreover, for selecting farmers and middlemen we apply judgement sampling procedure. Developing a Sample Plan Up to this point, we have discussed various aspects of sampling as though they were discrete and seemingly unrelated decisions. However, they are logically joined in a definite sequence of steps, called the sample plan, which the researcher goes through to draw and ultimately arrive at the final sample. These steps are listed and described in Table . Table Steps In A Sample Plan Source: Burns and Bush, 2014 The Confidence Interval Method of Determining Sample Size The most correct method of determining sample size is the confidence interval approach, which
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