4.2 Practice 2

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|Name: Megan Rudisill |Date: January 30, 2013 | Graded Assignment Prewriting: Attitudes Toward Women What You Turn In • A prioritized list of your five most important ideas • A thesis statement in which you clearly present the argument you'd make if you were to develop a full essay • A summary or plan for a full essay based on your five most important ideas. Be sure to include quotes you'd use to support your ideas 1. INTRODUCTION a. Thesis Statement: With different motivations, but similar intentions the word choices and poetic rhetorical devices of the speakers reveal their attitudes toward women.…show more content…
iii. Analyze the death— the speaker refers to the portrait of the wife he murdered as "My last duchess." It hints that she was not his only duchess and that he might have had several wives before this "last" or "latest" one. 5. Mans obsession with domination over woman (need for submissiveness) a. The men in both poems want to feel like they are ranked higher than the women. They want to feel powerful and be controlling, aiming only to please and seek pleasure for themselves. 6. Mans insecurity in the absence of women dependence a. Answer the question: are men weakened by their dependency on the power they have over women? i. In To His Coy Mistress, although the speaker appears thoughtful and genuine, he is preoccupied with pursing an attractive and captivating young woman in all hopes of making love with her. No strings attached. ii. In My Last Duchess, When the Duke had the Duchess killed; it was a threat to all women. The Duke had the Duchess murdered because she did not worship her husband. 7.
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