4.3 Current Performance. 4.3.1 External And Internal Environment.

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4.3 Current Performance

4.3.1 External and internal environment

According to Santos (1990), times are uncertain for business around the world. If strategic thinking has been important, several factors are those that make it imperative for any business. The increase in customer demand and its lack of loyalty as well as the economic slowdown is just a few examples. Therefore, it is essential to play close attention to the analysis of the company in its surroundings.
Mozal performance through external, internal environment criteria evaluate the company strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat criteria and competitive environment through competitive forces.

Figure: SWOT Figure: SWOT

Pressure internal issues when Mozal start its
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Nevertheless, Mozal since 2014, have been contributed to the local downstream industry by supplying aluminium ingots that manufactures a variety of value added aluminium – based products and material for local consumption and export. (Opportunity) (Mozal Aluminum: An economic beacon)
The main concern with the shortage of employees due to the region’s economic and social characteristics in the area of production line, since its level of education is very low. The risk of exploitation and the high cost of inputs greatly increase the liability of the partners. (Threats)
“In line with the principles of sustainability, the trust focuses on assisting the community to generate income on a continuous basis and improve living conditions. Therefore, it’s to provide access to health care, water, sanitation and education in an effort to alleviate poverty levels” states the South32 website.

4.3.2. Competition
Evaluating the attractiveness of Mozambique Market by assessing the nature of Mozal company competition environment is the framework governing the competitiveness of an industry proposed by Michael porter.
Firms’ performance depends on the degree of competitiveness of the five forces within industry.
Nevertheless, the five forces are the framework which forms the back –bone of the industry – based.
Thereby, as stronger and competitive are the five forces, less likely the focal firms will be able to earn above
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