4.3. Global Consumer Tourism and Hospitality Trends The effects of the global calamity may not

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4.3. Global Consumer Tourism and Hospitality Trends The effects of the global calamity may not essentially be negative since there are several factors. Australia and New Zealand are Fiji’s most powerful markets and tourists from these nations preferring to take a trip to Europe or the US would usually come to Fiji as the top option if they were to be faced with a financial crisis or travelling threat. Likewise, if travel menaces in,Middle,East or,South,East Asia increases,tourists from,Australia and,New,Zealand,look to Fiji as a secure, economical and often a,closer,option. According to Kumar (2010) this distinctive progression seems to have facilitated Fiji during the calamity in 2008. The total figure of diver’s trip to Fiji yearly…show more content…
In both vicinities, the shark-diving industry disbursements of wages in the same time were approximated to be US $575,000 and US $344,000 correspondingly (Table 8). Globalisation Due to globalization, Fiji has never the less lacked behind in terms of innovation, instead it has maintained a competitive edge by promoting Fiji Tourism all over the world through the use of internet. As of today, so many tourists all over the world are aware of Tourism activities being carried out in Fiji. The promotion and marketing tools are being efficiently used by Tourism Fiji that even though tourists all over the world who have not experienced Fiji physically, they still have the confidence and excitement to choose Fiji as their travel destination. So many bookings are made daily via online. Fiji is competent globally in terms of services provided for example, Fiji is known for friendly bula smiles, approachable locals, relaxing sandy beaches which give one inner peace, romantic beaches which just relieves all the stress and gives life a new beginning. Also, the products and services provided are of global standards so tourists do not have any difficulties regarding their tastes and preferences which may hinder their length of stay. For example, food items are available which tourists are familiar with. Dive tourism aims to delight their customers by providing efficient services. However, Fiji tourism continues to improve
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