4.724 E Business : Cybermediaries For E- Bookshops Essay

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4.724 E Business
Lecturer: Daniel Vidal
Title: Cybermediaries for E- Bookshops
Student Name and Id: Jaspreet Kaur - 20151134
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Table of Content - Cybermediaries - Bookfinder4u and Bookfinder

Part A
In this part we should start by briefly introducing the two cybermediaries and then outline what is similar and different between them.
Bookfinder4u provides services and does not make sales directly. It searches various bookstores and booksellers all around the world within seconds. There are two types of services that bookfinder4u avails: in-print book search system and out-print book search system. Bookfinder4u searches around 100 book stores and 60000 booksellers all over the world. It helps in price comparison and shows results for the lowest price range. The company stands independently, is not associated with any bookstore or seller and the results that are shown are impartial. The results of the prices that are shown on the site are accurate and real. The results that are shown are updated every 30 minutes and if so don’t happen then there can be varied reasons behind the same such as the user is using a slow network facility, the bookstore hasn’t been available or their backup is down, etc. The services provided by Bookfinder4u are completely and absolutely free of any charge.
Its main goal is to provide book searches and price comparison that is :
Comprehensive:-Under this criteria, the company makes

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