4. Against The Existence Of God. Ludwig Feuerbach Is A

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4. Against the existence of God Ludwig Feuerbach is a philosopher that believed that God did not actually exist. Instead he was created by the human population to create a somewhat perfect individual that they could strive to be. The textbook “The Philosopher’s Way” states “We are divided into two selves: our actual selves-the way we are-and our idealized selves-the way would like to be” (Chaffee 344). Therefore, Feuerbach believes that the “ideal self” is a reflection of all the characteristics the human population gave to God. Since God is perfect it takes a lot of persistence and determination for an individual to be a fraction of what He is, and it is impossible to be like God. This idea that the human population could never be God…show more content…
The textbook “The Philosopher’s Way” states that “the challenge for each of us is to knowingly embrace this religious quest, seeking to disclose the meaning of our lives by halting to onward unreflective rush of life and instead ‘stepping back to come to the self’” (Chaffee 349). Therefore, religion become imperative because it provided individuals to gain some reason for their existence, but it also allows them to reflect on their lives and who they have become. Since Bibles and God could provide the answers to various question most individuals will take part in a religious quest. This concept is the beliefs of the philosopher Keiji Nishitani. There is a problem of evil because many believe that if God did exist there would not be evil present in the world because of his power and strength. The textbook presented two specific types of evil which include natural evil and moral evil. Natural evil is associated with natural disasters while moral disasters are associated with adversity cause by another individual purposely. These two types of evil negatively impact a number of people everyday, and it causes some of God’s supporters to question why God would allow it to happen. John Chaffee states that this causes individuals to believe that “God does not exist, at least as a personal Creator involved in human affairs. God is not all-powerful and so is unable to

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