4-D Shrek-Personal Narrative

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A long line that covers all over the Universal studios. Waiting for our turn, my face dropping down, and looking at my watch for an eternity. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t wait to watch the 4-D Shrek movie and be full of green with envy. I’m not exactly sure but based on what I think, 4-D is just similar to 3-D movie. “We’re finally going in.” I pointed out. Soon as everybody sat down, the lights went off. As soon as you put your 4-D glasses on, it feels like you’re in the movie, having a role with all those creepy to adorable Shrek characters. All those people including me were on a multisensory adventure with a gigantic smile on our face. Right after I dropped my feet down, I felt a very tingly feel. It felt just like spiders
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