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LEADERSHIP FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE A 4-MAT Book Review of Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches by Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter Presented to Prof. Daniel Austin Liberty University LEAD 510 by Thomas V. Montgomery, III, Ed.D. October 28, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Concrete Response 5 Reflection 6 Action 7 References 10 Abstract The process of leadership requires self-identification of behaviors and reflection on one’s attitude (Bell, 2010). Among the thousands of leadership books in print today, this book is one that takes a different approach to examining leadership from a Christian perspective as well as relating to the process of leadership along with many…show more content…
I need to get this anger from my heart and pray that God will further guide my steps and realize that there is a reason, though not known, why I do not get these jobs that on the surface I want. Maybe God knows these positions are not the best place for me and that He has me where I am supposed to be…at least for the time being. “Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills are all necessary for effective leadership” (Banks and Ledbetter, 2004, p. 96). Reflection I attended a majority white high school, in respect to the student population. Afterward, I attended a historically black, all-male institution in Morehouse College. Continuing, I earned my Masters in Teaching at Bellarmine University, and lastly, I earned my doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Liberty University. After high school, each school I attended had a religious affiliation: Morehouse – Baptist; Bellarmine – Catholic; and Liberty – Evangelical. Aside from Morehouse College, each school was a predominantly white academic institution. And while attending these schools, I found a apparent lack of attention that addressed the issues or perspective that African Americans may have in respect to leadership principles. Still, I enjoyed being in the minority because it afforded me an

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