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4-MAT Book Review 3

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Lead 510 –B01
Biblical Foundations of Leadership


Joseph DeJesus
March 7, 2015


In the book “The Making of a Leader” Clinton discusses what it means to be a leader. He gives us the formula of what it takes to become a leader. Clinton does a wonderful job at revealing the process, and the cost of what it means to be a leader. He makes it very clear, throughout the book that effective ministry flows from who we are and not just what we do. A major part of the book is on how God develops a leader over time. Many
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He never matured as a leader. Part of his problem was submitting to leadership. Clinton states that the authority problem concerns how a leader gets along with people: his leaders, his peers, and his subordinates.3 He had great relationships with people he could manipulate. His problem was submitting to those above him. And because of this lack of submission he never developed into the leader God wanted him to be.
One of the problems I have with the author is that he makes it seem as if the Phases and stages of leadership are always going to occur in the way he proposes. Though the Phases and stages of leadership ring true, he does not provide a biblical example of the Phases of leadership occurring in the life of a biblical character. Clinton would almost make it seem as if God deliberately systemizes a particular process in a leaders life. All these Phases may at times happen at the same time. Every leader is different. At times the leader has to re-invent himself or better yet God re-invents the leader for a certain situation. Leadership is not a formula we follow but a life we live. The Sovereign foundations phase and Inner-Life Growth phase may occur all at the same time. True leaders never see themselves as leaving behind one phase for another. Inner-Life Growth phase never really ends. Leaders are constantly in need of praying and hearing from God. Obedience is always necessary no matter what stage or phase of life a
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