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4-MAT Book Review (APA Citation)
Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders
Liberty University

Wheelan (2013) identifies the four stages of team development and provides detailed explanation of how a group transforms itself from a stage one group of uncertainty into a successful, highly productive stage four team. This requires work and a thorough understanding of the many internal/external influences that can occur during each stage. A team member or leader who is well versed in these stages and who can evolve with each stage will be better equipped to deal with possible obstacles that can hinder group progress and implement practices to help the group successfully work through a
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As I explained the syllabus and the details of the study itself, Joey, one of the volunteers, asked, “What is it that we are trying to accomplish through this study?” I explained that the objectives were listed in the packet and that everyone should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the material provided.
As Wheelan (2013) explains, it is the team leader’s responsibility during stage one to establish defined goals and to identify specific team member roles and how they will contribute to the overall plan. This error on my part led to confusion, frustration, and unfortunately the departure of some of the youth volunteers, as they did not feel that the value of their input was considered nor was a clear picture of what our purpose was explained.
Wheelan (2013) provides many good examples of what to do in certain circumstances that deal with safety and inclusion, conflict resolution, identifying roles and responsibilities, and fostering esprit de corps during group development. In addition, she identifies the positive traits that should be displayed by both team members and team leaders alike such as involving other members in the leadership of the group and actively participating in achieving objectives.
While the strength of this book is displayed in the many examples provided by the author of what to do if a certain situation arises, this author was curious as to what a team leader or member would do if a team member must be dismissed

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