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4-MAT Book Review Esther Gooding Liberty University Table of Contents Summary of book ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Concrete Responses -----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Reflection -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Application ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Reference ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Grading rubric ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Summary Reaching Out was published by Doubleday Dell…show more content…
The host he indicated must remember that every guest has a gift to offer. The guests may first have been strangers but through interaction and engaging in the lives of the stranger, they are soon recognized as guests. The book identified three specific types of hosts: parents, teacher, and helping professionals. The hosts now have different thoughts and feeling about their guests (Nouwen, 1986). Parents view their children as the most precious gift, teachers now realizes that their students have great potential, and helping professional are able to provide a safe environment for their patients (Nouwen, 1986). The third movement is from illusion to prayer. Nouwen (1986) indicated that most people live their lives in an illusion that they will never die. They believe that they hold the key to all that happens in their lives. They do not put God first in their lives and they do not realize that God is in control of every aspect of their lives. There are three essentials elements to a fulfilling prayer life; the Bible, silence, and spiritual guide (Nouwen, 1986). Reading the Bible, and being silence as we mediate on the word of God. We gain understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit. These spiritual references are able to help us work through the challenges we may encounter. The conclusion of the book mentions the importance of spiritual guidance, and the importance of prayer. Prayer is not only to be done is solitude, but

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