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Entwistle’s concept on psychology and Christianity allows the student to foster a better understanding the importance of integrating the concepts of science (psychology) and religion. In the book the author’s opinion of integrating psychology and Christianity is displayed to possess the client’s understanding that science and religion when integrated will promote a higher probability of healing. Christianity has been a part of the lives of mankind since the fall of Adam. Entwistle believes that God has given mankind a guideline to promote living a spiritual lifestyle that is beneficial to all mankind. Although there is not a connection with psychology and Christianity,
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Entwistle concludes his book on finding and understanding the truth that is defined in psychology and finding and understanding the truth defined in the Christianity perspective. Entwistle makes a clear observation on understanding the integration of psychology and Christianity, therefore here may have to be a better way to garnish understanding of the human mindset and through research and development and counseling future generations will benefit from the integration of psychology and Christianity.

Concrete Response The things I retained from Entwistle book will help me find things that are meaningful to my life. Psychology tries to condition us to relate to understand mankind and why mankind does the thing they do to one another in life. Christianity shows us that God wants use to love and treat one another as he loves and treats us. When I were younger and raised in a Christian home made me realize that whatever things that I did God still loved me. The power of prayer was an important weapon in my home. Transitioning from the teen years to adulthood and two near death experiences has allowed me to establish a spiritual relationship with God. The first experience occurred when driving on a country roads with deep curbs don’t remember what happen but my car somehow flipped on one side in a ditch and

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