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What is the main objective of this experience for the 4 guys? The main objective of this experience is to see the approaches that they are going to take in different spots, different terrains. They are different skaters, from different environment and to be place all in one place, opens their minds to different possibilities. It pushes you harder, gets you away from your comfort zone. It's challenging but when you face those challenges and overcome them, you become not only a better skater, but also a better person.
Which locations impressed you the most and why? The locations that impressed me the most are the abandoned wave pool and the storage warehouse. They impressed me because it's place that I wouldn't imagine doing sport there. There's
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The team concept is really present and important in this movie. We can see that the team presence is really helpful for each athlete. They encourage themselves when they do something good or wrong. We could see when one person was failing, the others would try to motivate him for the next time. There was a good connection between them and it helped them perform better. By giving tips to each other, they were all able to achieve the goals they wanted in every place they were.

How is the ‘’team’’ important to each individual? The team was something really essential for these athletes. They really look up to each other and really enjoy skating together. These guys are going to push each other to skate something new and try harder things. For them, who you skate with and who you look up to matters a lot. It pushes you to progress and skate the best you can. They all want to progress together and the team effort is important towards that
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For sure some things are different for the team concept because in the movie, the athletes are practicing an individual sport and the team surrounding me is a soccer team. When they are practicing, the soccer team wants to become better as a team while the skateboarding athletes want to become better individually. The communications are not the same. The team spirit influences more the team sport than the individual ones. The soccer team is working together to get the best result together while the skateboarders work for their own achievements.

How do you regard skateboarding? I don't like skateboarding. It's a sport where I don't see myself in. I am more of a guy who likes sports with balls. Skateboarding belongs to the extreme sports category and I am not in love with that category. I find this activity boring and not entertaining. I don't like the game play in general. It's also a dangerous sport and I wouldn't surely practice it. Even when there's skateboard playing on TV, I get bored fast. I have tried it a couple of times and it's not much of a thrilling activity to

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