4 Ps on Kiehls Product

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7. Marketing Strategy |Marketing Mix |Biotherm |Kiehl’s | |Product |Innovation is how individual and group perceived |Kiehl’s had differentiated itself from the | | |changes made prior to a particular product. |rest of men’s facial care by their nature | | |The product positioning of the chosen product is based |extracts such as lemon extracts and choice of | | |on the product’s effectiveness o the individuals and |ingredients in the facial care. Similarly, | | |groups. Nonetheless, the branding itself had…show more content…
It is also a socially-conscious | | |of choosing between the different range of products for|brand with a sense of generosity, it used to | | |different skin types. |launch limited-edition products also in terms | | | |of their packahig and this is in order to | | | |raise funds for charity. | |Price |As mentioned earlier, the target market is low to |Kiehl’s consumers are in the upeer middle | | |medium sensitive to price. Price is considered as a |class, the brand targets people who spends a | | |fairly important evaluation criterion. At the same time|lot in body care and skin care. Price is | | |price determines the brand’s position and value. |considered a fairly important factor as their | | |Consumers usually associate price with prestige. |target consumers are more concerned about | | |As the brand is the leading brand in men’s skincare, |their appearance and attach a

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