4 Types of Research Theories

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CRJS430 – 1104A – 01 Unit 1 IP Charlotte Cordova October 6, 2011 American Intercontinental University Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the four types of research theories – deductive, inductive, grounded, and axiomatic. I will also discuss why and how these theories are used, and which is the most relevant, or most important. I will discuss the differences and similarities in theory and hypothesis. I will also discuss variables, and why they are important components of theoretical research. Four Types of Research Theories When doing research, it is important to first have your idea, or subject you will be researching. Once you have chosen the subject, then the research begins. There are so many places to…show more content…
This is called the top – down approach to research. We start out by using a general idea, then working it down to a hypothesis that can be tested. We can even go further and narrow this hypothesis down to an observation and test that into a confirmation of the original deduction of our theory. Inductive research works the opposite way. We start our research from a very specific idea, and change it into a very broad and generalized theory. This is called a bottom – up approach to research. We start with very specific measures or observations, detect patterns, then reach a hypothesis that we explore, ending up with generalized conclusions and theories. The differences in these two theories, is that deductive research starts out very open ended and exploratory, while inductive research starts out more specific. Most research contains both methods, even though it may seem that the information is one or the other type. (Trochim, 2006). Grounded research is when the theory is developed using the facts. This is somewhat an inductive method or approach. Some experts say that grounded research separates theory and data, while others say it combines the two. This type of theory takes questions and comparisons and uses explicit procedures to guide this type of research. This method of research provides the researcher density, saturation,
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