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4 Week Training Program Design My name is John Doe, I'm 16 yrs old, my height is 5'6", and my weight is 8st 6lbs. I have been asked to design a 4-week training program for my PE coursework and to describe and explain all components of the whole program, energy systems, training principles and diets etc. I would describe myself as a fairly healthy person, and fairly fit too. Over the course of this program I aim to improve my fitness levels, and certain distances or times of different events that will help me with my chosen sport, which will be tennis. There will be certain factors that will affect my training regime these are: - · Facilities · When · Why- Specificity…show more content…
But in coaching if the coach asks me to run 3 laps of the court I'll do five etc, just to push myself that bit harder. Time & Type If I go out for a jog I will try to run for longer than usual, and try to vary the paths in which I run on to eliminate the principle that is tedium. Energy Systems During the program I know I will be using both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. I hope that I by the end of this program will have more efficiently working energy systems. Here are the equations for the two energy systems: - Anaerobic Respiration (without oxygen) Needed when running across court, to retrieve a ball in a tennis match. [IMAGE] Energy [IMAGE]Glucose Lactic Acid Lactic Acid takes effect when the person running has done an event where they have not had enough time to breathe in oxygen, the lactic acid has a burning effect on the muscles and all out effort must stop or the person will collapse. The way to get rid of the L.A is to gulp in oxygen, this is called the oxygen debt. Aerobic Respiration (with oxygen) E.g. needed for long endured tennis rally's [IMAGE]Glucose Carbon dioxide [IMAGE] & Water [IMAGE]Oxygen Energy Different Phases of my year Graph to show my

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