40-50 Age Group Report

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The hypothesis, if the age group is higher, then the subjects will have a fewer number of answers that are correct, because their memory will decline with age, was supported because the data showed that the last age group, which was 40-50, got the lowest score on all the memory tests when compared to the other age groups. In addition, most of the subjects in this group got lower scores on all the different types of memory tests. The data table clearly shows that the 40-50 age group had the lowest total average of only thirty percent. Referring to the graph, the 40-50 age group represented by the orange bars, are significantly low compared to the other age groups. This age group proves the hypothesis because of their total average on the table, and the low scores on the graph.The scientific explanation for the results is…show more content…
Age might likewise portray a diminished ability to access information stored in short term memory, and therefore increase the short term memory deterioration. Errors were limited by testing the subjects in quiet rooms, giving all six subjects the same tests and giving the subjects a clear procedure on what their objective was, so that uniform data could be obtained. Some possible sources of error may have been that the subjects could have still glanced at the visuals while they were being taking away, and another error that could have occurred was during the verbal test. The words may not have been read at the exact pace and clarity with each subject. This error could have had a significant effect on the results because everybody has different ways of memorizing words. It is suggested that the following improvements could be made to the experiment such as testing a variety of age groups, and testing more subjects from each group. These improvements could make an impact on the final results, as well as providing reliable information to
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