40 Hour Work Week

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There are a lot of pros and cons to 40 hour work week versus 30 hour work week. Here are some of the pros to working 40 hour work week versus 30 hour work week: More productivity, more money, recognition, salary and benefits, onsite daycare, and professional development. When working that 40 hours a week you will be able to produce more without thinking about the overtime that you have to endure or come in on a Saturday to finish that week’s work. Recognition may help in your work reputation because you may be able to do the extra work without incurring overtime. The more hours you work, the better your pay is versus working less hours. When you are working fulltime, the benefits are better along with the salary. Some companies are now providing day care facilities at the…show more content…
If you are doing the same job over and over with no changes will make you less likely to enjoy your job and then you will feel burned out or tire quickly. If you are a salaried employee, then you will be exempt from getting paid overtime. Along with not getting paid overtime, your day care costs will be more because you had to work the extra hours. There will be times that you may have to take off for a sick child and this will leave work behind that you will have to catch up on, plus the work that comes in for that day or until you return back to work. You may get a lot of distractions because you may be a new mother and the thought of leaving your baby makes it hard or other employees stopping by to see the new baby pictures. Some pros if you were to reduce your working hours would be less stress, more free time, self-employment, less money, benefits, more time with family and socialization, and promotions will be scarce. If you work less and still reap the same benefits, then that would be the best thing for you. The con of reducing your working hours would be that you would be able to do more in less time and this will cause you to have more stress because you have a
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