400-Meter Free Style Analysis Essay

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In the poem “400-Meter Free Style” written by Maxine Kumin he uses many figurative languages and the form of the poem is very interesting. The format of the sentences symbolizes the laps on a swimming pool. They also symbolize how when you’re swimming at first it is smooth and fast but once you reach the curve of the pool, you slow down to turn around, then it smooth’s out again. Another symbolization that the sentences symbolize is that they are run on and you lose your breath when you’re reading it. Maxine is comparing the run on sentences to how the swimmer has to hold his breath without losing it when he swims. The form of the poem describes many things and really symbolizes the swimmer and what he has to go through to win his…show more content…
The author used this certain type of diction because it shows again how experienced and well trained the swimmer is and how he has good techniques. The author also says that the swimmers feet know the drill which is personification again. This shows that the swimmer has done this so many times that it is just reaction and he doesn’t have to try and do it. The way he achieved this goal is by him practicing and practicing until he did it the right way without thinking. Competitive, this is the imagery that this poem is creating and the reason why the author did this is to show us how competitive this swimmer is. This swimmer is in a race and he wants to win, the author shows us that the swimmer was well trained and ready for this. The author uses many imagery in his poem and it lets us picture in our head what is going on. When you read the poem you picture everything, nothing is a blur and you know what exactly is going on in this poem. To me it was like watching the whole thing in my head while I was reading it, without the imagery the author put in I would understand a thing about what was going on. “He flips, converts, and is gone all in one. We watch him for signs. His arms are steady at the catch, his cadent feet tick in the stretch, they know the lesson well.” In these two sentences you can picture what is going on, and in these two sentences the author shows us again how good of technique this swimmer
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