4001 Management Styles

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UNIT 4001 – An Introduction to Management Style By: Peter Collins Candidate Number: P04352307 Question 1 a) Select two models that were covered on the training programme, which make suppositions about human nature and how people behave at work, and briefly describe them. b) With reference to these models, discuss how individual attitudes and assumptions can influence your behaviour as a manager. Question 2 a) Describe the three management styles of Laissez-Faire, Participative and Autocratic. b) Evaluate how this model can be applied to identify study and review patterns of management behaviour. Question 3 a) Explain how your effectiveness as a manager is measured at Easynet, and identify at least one other possible…show more content…
I have since built their chosen styles into their objectives document and we regular review their style to see if they have managed to move into players / winners box so far one member of my staff has managed to do this and another is very close. This really is a fantastic management tool when used in the correct way although it needs to be used in conjunction with other techniques as some staff may be offended and cynical of the four personality types but I am happy to report that with my team it has not been the case. I think sometimes we all need to take a look at ourselves before we can push onto the next level of our professional careers. B) The belief cycle relates brilliantly to one of the members in my team. I always wondered why she would not present in front of the team or other business functions and I always assumed it was just down to a shy personality but The Believe Cycle made me look at it from a different perspective. I have since spent some time to understand the Experience that started her thought process and it was very similar to the example above. She had made the assumption that she could never present confidently due to a lack of self-esteem that stemmed from her childhood. I have now implemented an improvement programme to rebuild her confidence and now her default behaviour is much more positive. This course taught me to analyse peoples behaviours in my team in much more depth and I now feel like I can make a big
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