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401 games
Executive Summary (One page, single spaced – do last)
The market for board games has seen annual increases of 10-20 per cent over the last decade, leading some to suggest we are in a “board game renaissance” (Carlson, 2013).
401 Games is a Toronto-based retailer of board games, card games, and collectibles which also provides on-site gaming space. A recognized early mover in the board game revolution, owner John Park was among the first to tap into the collectible gaming card segment, starting with Magic: The Gathering (MTG) in 1993, which he introduced in response to customer interest. He later moved into hosting tournaments in the store and offering other card and board games.
Concurrent with the increased interest
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However, John is missing a crucial aspect that businesses must add to obtain value from their customer basis, he must find a way to create an online relationship with his current and potential customers. Engagement is the key to trust, conversation and social media gives your business a voice. Social media is no longer a trend; it is a necessity for business. With a strong Social Media presence, 401 Games can effectively interact and share online with customers, which increases its brand visibility. 401 Games can also use its Social Media pages to obtain personal feedback from customers. Social Media is a dialogue where people with similar interests can interact and share things that they like and dislike about a product or the business. Consumers do not limit their online expressions and opinions to businesses with a Facebook page or a Twitter account. By not engaging in social media, 401 Games is ignoring these discussions and limiting their ability to participate, apologize or defend. Social media is the best way to find out what your customers are saying about your brand.

The next issue that 401 Games must address is their Online Sales (E-Commerce) Absence. E-Commerce is the buying and selling of products or services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium, without the use of paper documents. Although 401 Games has a website, its primary use for it is to inform customers about what they have in stock and what they have coming in. This may be a

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