403 Contribute To Resources

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Unit 403 - Understand how to contribute to the control of resources

This is a very well written piece of work, but it could cover more of the knowledge statements in outcomes 2 & 3.

It would help if you referenced a piece of work as you went along with the numbers given in the knowledge statements, then it would be clear as to what you had covered.

I have put the assignment into a table giving a column on the left for referencing just to give you the idea by including some of the reference numbers.







Using resources effectively is very important for the business as well as helping maintaining staff safety, stock management, minimising
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A way we try to minimise this impact is by buying whole cases so the suppliers can use the original packaging and not having to repackage split cases. A major environmental impact that is occurs when bringing in resources is through the transportation of them. In order to minimise the impact this has on the environment we try to source our suppliers locally and minimise the amount of deliveries we have a week.

In order to obtain resources we must ensure that we go to an appropriate supplier which has been approved by the company. The approved suppliers have all been check and their support staff have to go though an induction type process so they understand our fire regulations and procedures. If a resource is required from a company that is not on our “registered supplier” list then they must be added the appropriate paper work filled out.

The control of waste is essential in any business and vital in hospitality. We monitor all waste produced from our three main kitchens (Appendix 3) and with the use of past sales figures (Appendix 4) we are able to predict the popularity of each dish and cater accordingly.

Recycling is becoming more vital to reduce the environmental impact that the business has on society. In order to increase the amount of recycling the company I work for now have separate bins for glass, paper and card, electronic, clinical and general waste. This ensures that
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