4222 206 Workbook Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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Evidence Ref: Issue No: 2 Issue 30/12/13 Page 1 of 6 Author: Mike Smith Ref: 206 Workbook Sampled By IV Initials Dated: Unit 4222-206 – The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Candidate Name: Mark Mainwaring Date of Activity Award Title / Level Observed by your Assessor: Professional Discussion: Self Reflective Exercise: Seen By A Witness: Seen by an Expert Witness: Product Evidence: Questioning to Support Standards: YES Write Up/Factual Account Electronically Recorded: The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker 206 - Workbook Supports the QCF Vocational, QCF Technical Certificate & Common Induction Standards (For use with QCF Unit HSC025) 4222-206 The Role of a Health and Social Care…show more content…
Developing good working relationships relies on a number of things Good effective communication - an ability and willingness to talk and to listen with an open mind, what another person says if generally what they believe to be true, if you disagree ask questions to clarify Trust – This is crucial in developing long term relationships, how far do you trust the other person and what will need to happen or not happen for this to be developed? Mutual Expectations – What are the expectations each person has about the relationship, what mutual goals and targets does each person have? 4222-206/2 – Work in ways that are agreed with the employer In order to ensure that your employer is able to deliver the service they have agreed with the service user it is important that you understand what is expected of you. At evidence reference 2 you are asked to review your role and responsibilities and the policies and procedures which you need to operate by. Your employer is expected to: Provide flexible, personalised and responsive service Put people at the centre of everything you do Have high levels of specialist expertise and customer satisfaction Invest time in recruiting the right people for the right jobs Provide extensive staff training and support. If you feel that any of the above is not in place which is inhibiting you doing your job you should talk to your employer to discuss how improvements can be made. Once set of guidelines

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