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42nd Street in the 80s seemed like my kind of place. Seedy theatres, porn everywhere and enough flesh to satisfy any craving. It was here that a lot of Grindhouse films made they big debut and Doctor Butcher M.D. is one such film. Originally released under the title Zombi Holocaust, the film was picked up by XXX and recut, re-edited and released as Doctor Butcher M.D. The overall story is exactly the same as the original version, with a few slight differences. Severin Films was kind of enough to release both versions on a beautiful 2-disc Blu-ray package that is crammed full of special features detailing the history of 42nd Street and the two films. If you're a fan of gore, Italian nonsensical schlock and an ample amount of full frontal nudity, this Blu-ray is going to be your ticket to the peepshow. If you don't believe me, read on... Product Information Plot Summary Movie Review As I previously mentioned, Doctor…show more content…
Some aren't as long as the features on disc one, but they are nevertheless just as enjoyable. We have interviews with the lead actor Ian McCulloch, who also sings us a pretty catchy song titled "Down By The River", and Sherryl Buchanan shows up to give us her experience on the flick. However, the features I enjoyed the most are the ones on the special FX, with both Rosario Prestopino and Maurizio Trani being interviewed. Interesting sidenote-Trani was involved in Troll 2. The only thing that confused me about the whole package was the lack of commentaries. I'm so used to seeing commentaries on most releases I review, so it threw me for a loop when there wasn't a single one provided for either movie. However, it's a tiny nitpick given the substantial amount of features provided. Bonus offer! The first 5000 copies of the Blu-ray come with a very fancy barf bag! Also included was a poster for the Doctor Butcher M.D.

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