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Crime Scene 2 Analysis of crime scene. A deceased female was found in her home on Monday, June 2nd. The victim was found bound to the bed and stabbed 13 times and semen was found. I will provide theories and explanations of each to help suggest why the perpetrator committed this crime. The Offender The husband is the potential suspect. He had the perfect alibi, he was out of town and no one would suspect him of committing the crime. He knew his wife would be home from work that day. He knew her routine and carefully planned when he would commit the murder. Nothing was stolen from the home, as it contained a wealth of expensive items. The fact that nothing was disturbed, points to the husband. He knew the layout of the home, because he…show more content…
A person’s criminal activity can begin later in life and driving forces are swayed by various life circumstances. This theory includes different classes and types of criminals. It is a combination of latent trait theory and life course theory which helps explain that there are different paths and classes of offenders. The external force, in this case, a mistress, would be the trajectory. Working in combination with his bad temper, arousal theory influenced the criminal behavior. This theory might not fully support his motives if he didn’t have a mistress or seeking financial gain. If no outside forces compelled him to murder his wife then this theory won’t apply. Arousal Theory This theory combines genetic and environmental reasons as to the reasons how a brain processes environmental stimulation differently, the response varies for each person. His inability to control anger combined with his desire to be with another woman, and a possible sizeable financial gain, influenced intentions. He had deep seated resentment towards his wife and the tension was building over a period of time. He was obviously unhappy yet kept it hidden. He possibly had frequent anger episodes. I believe that when he initially tried to stab her and failed to kill her, he exploded and reacted in a very violent way. There is the possibility that he remained calm throughout the

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