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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS MGMT 460: CASE STUDIES IN OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Winter 2011, SHC C368 Instructor: Kern Kwong, Ph.D. Office: Simpson Tower 805 College of Business and Economics California State University, Los Angeles Office Hours: Tuesday: 2:00-6:00 p.m. Email: kkwong2@calstatela.edu Website: http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/kkwong2/Mgmt460 Office Telephone: 323-343-2899 [Use email if you need a reply quickly.] Course Description Management 460 is a case studies course in the management of manufacturing and service processes and operations. The course addresses manufacturing and service process selection and analysis, forecasting, capacity planning, aggregate…show more content…
Careful preparation for each class (including preparation of case discussion questions), active class participation (active learning), and perfect attendance are generally required to excel on the examinations. Course Etiquette 1. Arrive to class on time so that you do not disturb your fellow students. 2. Turn off all audible pagers and telephones during class. 3. Raise your hand and let me call on you before speaking in class (so that I can manage class participation). Course Policies 1. There is no make-up or early exams. Check your schedule to make sure you will be able to attend the midterm and final exam. 2. Incomplete grades are given only in the case of medical emergencies. 3. A team photograph is required for identification. I need to know who you are in order to grade class participation. Pictures will be taken at the end of the first two class sessions. If you prefer, you may submit a 3  5 photographic portrait. Team Member Evaluation Team members evaluate each other 's contribution (including their own) to the team effort at the final meeting after the Team Report has been presented. Each team member 's individual share of the total

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