492 risk management paper draft 2

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Risk Management Paper
Edgard Delos Santos
492/ NUR Senior Practicum: Leadership and Management
January 26, 2015
Professor Kathy Smith

I interviewed James Alviar RN, the Coordinator of Risk Management at my current place of employment the Queen's Medical Center West Oahu. I asked him if there were any current risk management issues at our facility that we could discuss, but he said all current issues were confidential and he could not divulge any information to me. Instead, James pointed me in the generic direction of hospital falls that is a nationwide risk management issue and also pertains to us at Queens Medical Center. This paper will be discussing risk management's role, what falls are, how falls are addressed, how risk
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A patient's fall is an unintended descend to the floor that may or may not result in any injury to the patient. A fall is when a patient lands on a surface where you would not expect to find the patient. There are many risk factors associated with falls such as:
Physiological reasons (changes in blood pressure, Parkinson's, arthritis, neuropathy, vision problems )
Environmental reasons (wet floor, rugs without non-skid backing, poor lighting)
Adverse effects of medications
An assisted fall is when a staff member witnesses a patient's fall and attempts to minimize the impact of descend. Many patient falls occurring during hospital encounters may cause little or no harm but some can result in serious and even possibly life-threatening consequences for many patients such as hip fractures and head trauma. Even when a fall does not lead to death, it can require prolonged hospitalization. Some could suffer disability, loss of function, and lose their independence or premature death. “Patient falls in hospitals are a common and often preventable adverse event. Nurses routinely conduct fall risk assessment on all patients, but communication of fall risk status and tailored interventions to prevent falls is variable at best.” (Hurley,

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