4DEP Developing yourself as an effective HR/L&D Practitioner Essay

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Title of report: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner

Table of Contents

Subject: Developing yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning & Development


1.1 The Human Resources Profession Map (HRPM) – Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours
2.1 HR Customers – Meeting Their Needs
2.2 Methods of Communication – Advantages & Disadvantages
2.3 Effective Delivery of Service
2.4 CPD & Self Assessment
3.1 Development Plan
3.2 Development Record

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I constantly have a thirst for knowledge which has led me to gain a CIPD qualification.

2. Decisive Thinker - I can take a long time to come to a decision as I sometimes can over analyse, which may lead indecisiveness.

3. Skilled Influencer – I feel strongly about the points I raise and I am confident in communicating with senior management.

4. Personally Credible –Can only be attained through gaining experience in career and proving to peers, managers and customers that I am constantly professional, delivering excellence and adding value to my organisation.

5. Collaborative – This is my strongest asset as I am very adaptable and able to work in a small or large group whether it is in or outside of work.

6. Driven to Deliver – I am driven and persistent to achieve goals to the highest of quality, not afraid of challenges and obstacles.

7. Courage to Challenge – I can be bold and brave sometime, however the real challenge is to maintain the courage at any given circumstance.

8. Role Model – All employees should aim to lead by example. I need to ensure I am delivering excellence, accuracy and precision, acting in a professional way to set standards for all employees.

2.1 HR Customers – Meeting Their Needs

As a Learning and Development Practitioner, I am fully aware of the importance all customers have in any organisation and I need to meet their needs and deliver the promised level of service at all times.
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