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4 Results and Discussion Air conditioning systems equipped with compound pressure and temperature gauges have been studied experimentally using exergy analysis. The units were charged with R-22 and R-600a refrigerants respectively and allowed to reach the optimum operating state. The fan is varied between high, medium and low speeds and the system performance was analyzed in each case. The compressor work, refrigerating effect, coefficient of performance, exergy destruction rate and exergy efficiency were calculated using Microsoft Excel sheet. 4.1 Performance of the Air Conditioning System The general performance of an air conditioning system is based on the coefficient of performance of the system. It is the ratio of heat extracted in…show more content…
As this happens, the air flow makes maximum utilization of the effect of the evaporator coils, getting cooler as the air flows over the coils. The refrigerant accumulated in the evaporator coils soon absorbs its latent heat of vaporization and may not be able to absorb anymore. This causes a rise in the temperature of the delivery air. The air rises to about 21℃. The thermostat sensed this rise in temperature and actuates the compressor. The vapour compression cycle, however, resumes its normal operation. This stop in the compressor operation conserves the amount of energy used up by the system while also cooling the space more. The behavior of the compressor had the same pattern while operating at high fan speeds and medium fan speeds. As the time increases, the compressor work increases linearly for both the high, medium and low speeds as shown in figure 3. However, the compressor work is the same for both high and medium speeds. The system using R-600a refrigerant exhibited a different behaviour when the fan speed was altered. At high fan speed, the temperature of the delivery air was 23°C while it was 20°C at low fan speeds. This was similar to the change in temperature experienced in the R-22 system. However, there was no stop in the operation of the compressor. 4.2 Exergy Expenditure The exergy analysis was carried out on each component separately. Exergy accounts for individual process

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