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Activity One
This report intends to help in the understanding of the CIPD Human Resource Professional Map (HRPM). The HRPM was designed by the CIPD with the intention of helping the individual develop themselves as a successful Human Resource Practitioner, whilst providing a guideline to businesses, big and small.
It highlights the professions and behaviours needed in order to progress successfully up the career ladder. It is broken down in to two central cores. * The first core is Insight, Strategy and Solutions, this is where complete understanding of an organisation is needed, enabling the HR practitioner to have the ability to spot potential opportunities and act upon them. * The second core is Leading HR, here the HR
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The HRPM also touches on eight different behaviours they believe are needed to become a successful practitioner. These have also been banded into four groups of competency, making it clear on how a practitioner could develop themselves to the next level. For example a professional working in Learning and Talent Development at band 2 would need to be curious and driven to deliver, asking questions and striving to be the best they can. It would also be essential for a band 4 advisor of the same profession to possess these behaviours but developed at a more advanced level, they would be required to inspire others in order to deliver across the organisation.

One area of specialism is Service, Delivery and Information. The HR professional in this area would be required to focus on the needs of the customer whilst ensuring that they are able to provide an effective and cost efficient HR service.
A band 1 advisor in this field would have to be able to follow instruction, but also work using their own initiative. They would be involved in ensuring that service level agreements (SLA) are adhered to and maintainable, as well as implementing systems and processes in order to maintain an efficient customer service.
They would also have the responsibility for the employee’s life-cycle and therefore knowledgeable in areas such as entry and exit interviews, promotions and up to date changes in maternity and paternity legislation. An advisor
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