4dep (Hr)-Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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* Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner *

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The Human Resources Profession Map

The Human Resources Profession Map is an interactive and ‘living’ online tool developed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel &
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The role played by these specialists is essential to ensure focused service delivery across the employee career cycle providing the regiment with effective and cost efficient modes of operation and business execution. On a daily basis the numerous CHRS will be involved with stakeholder liaison, advising or promulgating organisational HR policy and generally are considered to be the first point of contact for all general HR issues.

Therefore key activities which the author considers essential are the ability to build a customer service culture and measure effectiveness delivering service excellence, displaying a strong customer (care) driven service and ethos, often in demanding circumstances and environments. Coupled with this is the ability to recognise their own accountability and authority level for handling inquiries. Concurrently they must also seek to identify ways to improve, challenge current practices and suggest methods for improvement. However, in order to successfully provide service excellence by participating in these activities strong HR corporate knowledge is essential. At the CHRS Band 1 level this will be apparent in the effective use of an HR Information System such as Joint Personnel Administration (JPA), analysing and presenting data from in
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