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Activity 1

The Human Resource Professional (HRP) Map displays a clear idea about the required HR skills, knowledge and behaviour to lead the organization to successes. The HRP Map covering of 10 professional areas, 8 behaviours and 4 bands. Sarah Miles (2009), CIPD organizational development director, said: "This is a complete rethink of professional standards, not just a simple face-lift, and that 's not something you can turn around in a short time."
Human resource professional areas describes what HRs need to know (knowledge) and what need to do (Activities) at four bands of professional capability in each HR professional area.
The core professional areas of the HRP Map are Strategy, Insights and Solutions and Leading and Managing
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This way of analysis will find out the real view of the customers’ needs and will guide the HR professional to balance several perspective and determining which get priority. “For instance, managers may value high levels of production and long work hours whereas employees may value more time off and a focus on work/life needs. Effective HR customer service will work with both groups to find the right balance” Leigh Richards (2012), eHow Contributor.
The customers verify in two types, internal and external. Here we will consider the internal customers for its direct effects on the company and its ongoing processes as employees, managers and technicians.
Their needs are differ as training, reports, CVs, tools and hardware and sometime conflict with others. In the divergent of the customers need; the HR professional have to take accurate and impartial clear decision on that. The HR choice will depend on the most important and effective on the organization in a timely manner as the training in the development of new strategy or plan before other needs.

To communicate effectively in the organization between customers; e-mails, chats (WhatsApp/BlackBerry/Skype) and direct phone calls are most useful. E-mails are used as formal communication tool between different customers and can be archived for future need but it can be a reason to delay the response either by the user or by telecommunications’

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