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Write a report in which you:
• briefly summarise the CIPD professional Map (i.e. the core areas, the professional areas, the bands and the behaviours)

• comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or other identified) HR role.

The HR Professional Map is designed to identify the skills and behaviours all HR practioners should portray within their role. The map acts a guide of professional competence and how a practioner can develop their skills to move up to the next level of competency. The map can be applied to all HR professionals at all levels within any organisation. The map is made up of
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Information and files can also be shared to other using the attachments function. However, sometimes emails can be misconstrued or the tone of the email taken in a different way as intended by the sender. Emails may also be overused and an unnecessary amount of emails may be sent as opposed to picking up for the phone to speak to someone, saving time going back and forth.
Aedis also has a company intranet accessible by all employees. The intranet contains a lot of company information, latest news, policies and procedures etc. The benefit of the intranet is that a lot of information can be stored all in one place for employees to refer to. The intranet can be constantly updated to ensure all information is current and up to date and is also user friendly and visually appealing. However, because such a larger amount of information is stored within the intranet is it vital that this is heavily policed and maintained, which is very time consuming. It is also important the access rights are set within the intranet to ensure only authorised people can view certain types of information.
Perhaps one of the older forms of communication used within the company are staff notice boards. Notice boards can be placed in key areas such a staff break rooms to serve as a reminder and an opportunity to display important pieces of information to employees for them to read. The costs is also very low to maintain a
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