4g Communication

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4G WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS Anto vinoth.M, Punith Maharishi.Y.R antovinoth.m@gmail.com maharishipunith@yahoo.com Abstract— Mobile communication is continuously one of the hottest areas that are developing at a booming speed, with advanced techniques emerging in all the fields of mobile and wireless communications. With this rapid development it is expected that fourth generation mobile systems will be launched within decades. 4G mobile systems focus on seamlessly integrating the existing wireless technologies. This contrasts with 3G, which merely focuses on developing new standards and hardware. 4G systems will support comprehensive and personalized services, providing stable system performance and quality service. "4G" doesn…show more content…
• Limitation of spectrum and its allocation. • Difficult to roam across distinct service environment in different frequency bands. • Lack of end-to-end seamless transport mechanism spanning a mobile sub-network and a fixed one. However, the demand for higher access speed multimedia communication in today 's society and the limitations of 3G communication service wave the path for 4G mobile communication. Architecture of 4G: One of the most challenging problems facing deployment of 4G technology is how to access several different mobile and wireless networks. There are three possible architectures for 4G. • Multimode devices • Overlay network • Common access protocol. Multimode devices: This architecture uses a single physical terminal with multiple interfaces to access services on different wireless networks. It may improve call completion and expand effective coverage area. It should also provide reliable wireless coverage in case of network, link, or switch failure. The user, device, or network can initiate handoff between networks. The device itself incorporates most of the additional complexity without requiring wireless network modification or employing interworking devices. Each network can deploy a database that keeps track of user location, device capabilities, network
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