4g Mobile Advantages And Disadvantages

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4G: The Fourth Generation: The fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technology is 4G the short form of Fourth generation, succeeding 3G. It allows users to connect anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
The first generation of mobile communications started with the Advanced Mobile Phone Systems (AMPS), which was an analogue system regarded as 1G. Then came GSM and CDMA-one (pretty much regarded as 2G) and then to UMTS and EV-DO, which are 3G technologies. The latest technologies for 4G are LTE (from the 3GPP group) and 802.16m (from the IEEE). In the case of 802.16m, the candidate for 4G is also known as Wireless MAN Advanced, or WiMAX2. LTE progresses through versions known as releases. The latest release that qualifies as being 4G is
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• The most obvious advantage of the 4G mobile network is its amazing speed. Increased bandwidth leads to much faster data transfer speed, which is especially advantageous for mobile devices. Users of the 4G network get the advantage of superior, uninterrupted connectivity, especially for advanced tasks such as video chats and conferences. The younger generation of mobile device users can stream music, videos and movies at a much faster rate and can also easily share information online.
• 4G networks offer much more coverage than other systems such as Wi-Fi, which forces users to depend upon hotspots in each area you visit. Since 4G offers a coverage of 30 miles and more, users would be assured of complete connectivity at all times.
• One of the biggest problems with Wi-Fi networks is that of online security which is especially true for mobile devices. 4G networks offer complete privacy, security and safety. It is very beneficial for corporate establishments and business persons, who hold sensitive information on their respective mobile
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