4g Wireless Networks.

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4G Wireless Networks

Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of:
3G and 4G wireless networks can be compared and contrasted by four areas of capabilities: Service and application, network architecture, data throughput and user perception. “Some examples of services offered by 3G wireless networks are CDMA2000 (also known as IMT MultiCarrier (IMTMC), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), and EDGE as well as a long list of others while 4G offer Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wimax2) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE- Advance).” (Jamia Yant, 2012, April 26) 3G applications allows users the ability to stream video and audio, video conferencing as well as other multi-media
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The reality is WiMax network availability is only available in select locations. The WiBro network was created in South Korea to allow people to the internet from anywhere in the country. WiBro network has a download speed of 40.32Mbps and “WiBro was designed to maintain a connection up to speed of 74 MPH.” (WiBro, 2013) This allows users the ability to enjoy broadband Internet in cars or subways that run at high speeds. WiBro will soon become nearly obsolete with the advancement of the LTE network being available at lower cost because of the multiple service providers.
4G LTE Carrier Competition
LTE’s security enrichments, minimal dormancy and extraordinary speediness above 3G merely denote that a consumer will have the ability to manipulate practically any online operation conceivable on a cellular phone. The limitations of equipment that have caused numerous operations to be restrained are now issues of the past. Consumers increase in service/carrier elections is one of the dynamic influences which initiate competition amongst carriers. Additionally, there are numerous other influences that are triggering added curiosity in cellular technology nowadays that is additionally propelling such aggressive rivalry. The accessibility of cellular bandwidth quickness is precisely contending with fixed line admittance technologies (Moscaritolo, 2012). Individuals want to be able to be mobile and on the go, all while maintaining the
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