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Edexcel IGCSE Information and Communication Technology Paper 2: Practical Paper 20 – 24 June 2011 Time: 3 hours You must have: Short treasury tag, Cover Sheet, Data files: COMPETITION, GRAPHICS, PENMAWR, PENTATHLON, TEXT, TIMES Paper Reference 4IT0/02 Instructions sheet provided. • Complete your candidate details ona the covertag to attach your printouts to At the of • Page 2endthe the examination use treasury of cover sheet. Information activities paper totalling 100 marks. • There are five the parts in this examinationin round brackets: e.g. (2). of tasks are shown • The marks for Advice the instructions • Read throughactivities. on Page 2. • Attempt ALLaway from the computer from time to time. • Take breaksprintouts clearly as…show more content…
(i) Insert a new row between row 5 and row 6. (2) (ii) Enter this data into the new row. Brunning James 16 365 556 667 449 364 (2) RESAVE TASK SS1. PRINT TASK SS1 on one sheet of A4. Make sure that all the data is visible. (Total for Task SS1 = 10 marks) 4 P39070A Task SS2 Change Task SS1 to Task SS2 in the footer of your spreadsheet. SAVE the spreadsheet as TASK SS2. Karen wants to use the spreadsheet for calculations. (i) Enter a formula in cell I4 to calculate the total time (in seconds) for Martin Anderson. (2) Competitors qualify for the final if their total time is 2400 seconds or less. (ii) Enter a formula in cell J4 that will: • display “Yes” if Martin Anderson has qualified • leave the cell blank if he has not qualified. (3) (iii) Replicate the formulae in cells I4 and J4 for the other competitors. (1) RESAVE TASK SS2 PRINT the spreadsheet on one sheet of A4 showing the FORMULA view. You should: • • • • make the page landscape make sure the columns are wide enough to display all of the information show the gridlines show the row and column headers. (Total for Task SS2 = 6 marks) P39070A 5 Turn over Task SS3 Open a new document using word processing software. Enter Task SS3 and your name, candidate number and centre number in the footer of the document. SAVE the document as TASK SS3. (a) Karen would like to present the boys’ results as a graph. Using spreadsheet TASK SS2 create a graph which displays the total time for each boy. The

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