4p and Swot Analysis of Auction and G Market

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Analysis of Auction 1. 4P Analysis 1) Product As the Auction collects data from customers and customer center, it gives product suggestions what customers want to the affiliated off-line companies who supply products to the Auction. The Auction classify every listed product by specific categories, and the Auction makes both of customers and sellers satisfy their dealing desire by using differential marketing such as premium registration.

2) Price In the Auction internet shopping mall, customers determine the price of products listed compared to other companies that sell the products with certain rate of discount. The more there bidders are the more expensive the price will be and if there is only one
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3) Opportunity As internet users are increasing a lot, e-marketplace will have a chance to enlarge sales volume and business opportunity. Since the Auction already success to induce foreign investment from e-bay, the company has opportunity to get other investment and advance into foreign market. Changing environment of workplace, people have more free time to use internet shopping mall on weekend.

4) Threat The most serious threat can be that many e-marketplace companies are getting into the market. This means that there will be more competitive to be a market leader than before and other companies will check the Auction constantly. Furthermore, anti-party emerges due to expensive commission, lack of reliability and delivery cost. There are some members without responsibility. It cause fake and fraud trading and the company should intensify the punishment and solve problem properly to maintain current customers.

III. Analysis of G-market 1. 4P Analysis 1) Product Discounts of specific products, such as digital camera and computers, expose intensively on the main page. It affects improvement of other products’ selling. With this strategy, G Market operates group buying, auction, zero-margin, and ‘Fortune auction’. ‘Fortune auction’ is the unique product strategy which exists only in G Market.

2) Price G- Market has a mind that company

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