4p's Of Marketing : Product, Price, Place And Promotion

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The world has changed and has evolved into a society that works with social media, the internet and understanding the differences in diversity in society is not only vital, but mandatory to succeed and meet the goals of a company in today’s world. One needs to know what the customer 's wants and needs are. Moreover, utilizing that helps guide the marketing strategy and implementing these ideas and analysis the current needs of the consumer and knowing their particular need. 4P’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. It is the foundation of Marketing. However, in today’s world we have a new element which would be a, marketer building relationships with other representatives and their customers. How your relationships develop will be building blocks and become the foundation. Thereafter, the marketer is able to use that information obtained using it to your advantage will a long way. Finally, the uses of social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and eBay are all different methods of marketing. The biggest in history is the phenomenon of Facebook IPO and largest in internet history. In the year 2012 Facebook was valued at $104 billion dollars. However, as soon as the stock market opened the value of Facebook was cut in half. Over the next few months the IPO struggled. Thereafter, the first year it barely traded at $ 38 dollars a share. At that point there were concerns and the stock lost about 50 billion dollars. Finally, before the IPO, General Motors pull 10

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