4p's and 4c's

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Introduction to Marketing

Compare and Contrast Essay on the Philosophy behind the 4 P's & 4 C's

Tyronne Parrish

The difference and similarities of the comparing and contrasting of the 4p’s and 4c’s of marketing, this includes the product, price, place and promotion. The product plays a major role for the average customer who is willing to purchase and perhaps utilize the product. The world has an acquired taste for the newest, the latest the most attractive offerings from appealing kids, in which events can be a dollar for a public viewing, offering free deserts to people of all ages.
The price most of the time determines how well the product sells for example; you have a
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I feel I’m and up and coming entrepreneur developing apparel and protective gear for the present time. The harsh reality of this topic is having all these ingredients together to make a wonderful
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