4ps in Helping Restaurant Maximise Thier Profit

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The first section of this report is introduction. The introduction will explain the purpose of this report. It is discuss about three promotion strategies of the new restaurant located in Bangsar called Serai Garden. They are: advertising campaign, sales promotion and direct marketing. Beside that, this part also gives the brief introduction of the restaurant and its target market.
The second section will discuss on the content of this report. The first promotion method of Serai Garden restaurant is advertising campaign. It will explain five steps to develop an advertising campaign in detail. They are: identify and analyze the target audience,defining the advertising objective, developing the media plan, creating
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2006). Due to careful research and analysis of each promotional method Serai Garden restaurant has chosen advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing as its promotional strategies. The reason for this decision is because these promotional methods will suit the Serai Garden restaurant’s objectives and also helps obtain maximum profit.

1. Advertising campaign

“Advertising campaign is the creation and execution of a series of advertisements to communicate with a particular target audience” (Pride et al. 2006). Further more, the modern advertising campaign utilizes “unique icons appearing in advertisements to benefit brands beyond merely their identification of the product” (Garretson & Burton 2005). Therefore, advertising campaign is one of the compulsory promotion methods of Serai Garden restaurant. This part of the report will deeply discuss the five steps to develop Serai Garden restaurant’s advertising campaign in detail.
First of all, identify and analyze the target audience should be considered. The common information about the target audience should consist of location and geographic distribution, distribution of demographic factors, lifestyle information and consumer attitudes (Pride et al. 2006). The target audience of Serai Garden restaurant is the upper-class people from 22 years old onward,

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