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Product: Variants Bar Soap: The classic red bar of Lifebuoy soap and its distinctive phenol smell has been synonymous with cleanliness. Body Wash: Lifebuoy Body Wash provides deep cleansing of pores, protecting against the three root causes of skin health problems – clogged pores, over-drying, and infection-causing germs. Lifebuoy ActiFresh variant which envelopes you in its fresh fragrance for up to 12 hours after a bath, protecting you from odor causing germs and helping you keep your active lifestyle intact. Hand Wash: Lifebuoy Hand Soaps offer hospital-strength germ protection, with a unique formulation that generates a rich lather. Lifebuoy Actifresh Hand Wash-Working in the kitchen, odor from food items tends to persist on…show more content…
{text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} “Project Shakti” has used some innovative distribution methods. Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL), Unilever’s operating company in India, selected entrepreneurial women from hard-to-reach villages, unreached by traditional distributors and dealers and trained them to become distributors, providing education, advice and access to products. In 2005, it reached 100,000 villages through 25,000 such entrepreneurs, reaching who visited about 1,000,000 homes a month. The selected women had to invest 40 Euro to get a loan of 160 Euro with which to buy Hindustan Lever hygiene products. It doubled their income to around one Euro per day. Advertising In India, we do have the example of what was initially a macho brand - Lifebuoy - being repositioned with great success. Lifebuoy initially had advertisements which featured men playing outdoor games such as football. It was positioned as an effective anti-bacterial soap. The recent campaign which featured a little Gandhi' is a dramatic shift from its earlier image. Now it addresses the needs of children as well as the family. The advertising gave a twist to thegerm-free image' by saying “live without fear." Lifebuoy is a clear example of how positioning statements can remain mere words unless it is aided by creativity as lifebuoy has been by its new formulation and attractive packaging. A survey conducted by HUL showed

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