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Exercise 1: a) Identify any product and explain the 4P’s in the SAVE perspective b) For the product chosen take any two competing brands and compare the net customer delivered value for both of them from your perspective. c) Find a colleague at work, or a friend or family member, and for the same product or any other product that the person is comfortable with (maybe something they want to purchase), help evaluate two competing brands from a net customer delivered value perspective. Response: Background: My son wants a pair of sneakers (sports shoes) and I am using this exercise to make a choice. I have also used this opportunity to ask my son’s friend about his opinion – incidentally my son’s friend is a big fan of MS…show more content…
The brand commands a premium and caters to customers who want the very best. 4. Promotion (Education) Nike uses targeted advertising in the print and electronic media. Nike also has a number of famous athletes as brand ambassadors from all sports e.g. Ronaldo, Neymar & Rooney from football, Virat Kohli from Cricket, legends like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan , Usain Bolt & Roger Federer. With addition of ‘apps’ and wearable electronics Nike has further strengthen its position as the most recognizable brands in the world of sports. Combined with its quality products, great customer service it’s no surprise that it has a huge loyal customer base. b. My son & I compared two similar shoes from competing rivals and ultimately reached a conclusion that Nike delivers the best customer value. (Refer cols in Yellow and Blue). My Choice of 2 Brands Product (Sneakers Size 9) Features Nike Field Trainers Adidas Original Stan Smith Similar Similar Comments No significant difference - almost same features This is a perceived value based on longevity of the shoe with the assumption : Nike & Adidas tend to wear out almost the same time 7000 7000 Services Value Personnel Value Image Value 0 0 2000 0 0 1000 Total Customer Value 9000 8000 Monetary Cost VALUE Product Value 4795 4799 0 0 Energy cost 100 100 Psychic Cost 0 500 Total Customer Cost 4895 5399

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